The YMPO and Yuma County Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (YCIPTA) recently completed a Short-Range Transit Plan that identified service and operation improvements for the YCAT system. The Plan identified targeted improvements and system redesigns for faster and expanded service.

Targeted near-term service improvements  include:

  • Modify / expand FLEX service coverage to reach more potential customers.

  • Restore late afternoon schedule reliability on selected routes.

  • Prevent chronic overcrowding and customer pass-ups at schools or other locations.

  • Simplify customer information and system functionality.

Additional short-term  improvements include:

  • Improve Blue 5 headway to the Andrade Port of Entry to hourly (currently every two hours) 

  • Conduct a FLEX Microtransit Feeder Demonstration.

  • Personal Mobility on Demand (PMoD) Demonstration: A pilot project to determine the viability of on-demand shared ride taxi service on the Quechan Reservation would introduce a new direct travel option within the YCAT service area if either the trip origin or destination is on the Reservation.

  • Expand Turquoise 10 Service Span.

  • Central Yuma Route Restructuring: To complete the grid network of routes in the YCAT core service area to provide a solid foundation for future service span and frequency upgrades.

  • US 95 South Corridor Service Integration: This multi-year proposal would integrate three YCAT routes into a common schedule based on a “trunk and branch” service design in the service area south of WYTH.

  • East County Redesign: To consolidate three east-side routes (Orange 2, Brown 3, Gold 8) into a common line providing all-day local in the 32nd Street corridor and peak period limited stop service on the I-8 Freeway.


The map on the right illustrates the short-term multimodal transportation projects and the long-term build out multimodal transportation system. Short-term multimodal improvement recommendations includes projects such as:

  • Developing a multimodal linear park trail along the Main Canal from 24th Street to Palo Verde Street.

  • Adding trail crossing at the Main Canal Linear Park at 1st Street, 8th Street, 12th Street, 24th Street, and 32nd Street.

  • Filling-in sidewalk gaps.

Multimodal Projects.jpg