Proposed Roadway Improvements

Based on feedback from the community, input from YMPO member agencies, a comprehensive asset and analysis of existing and future conditions, the project team developed draft roadway improvement projects to address current and future transportation needs.

Pavement Projects.jpg


Pavement preservation projects may include a simple pavement overlay or a complete reconstruction of the road. The type of treatment is based on the level of pavement deterioration. The map on the left illustrates medium to large size pavement preservation projects for the next 10-year time frame. In addition to these, Yuma County, City of Yuma, City of Somerton, Wellton, and the City San Luis also perform regular pavement preservation activities on local roads and neighborhoods.


Capacity projects typically include roadway widening and new roadways. The map on the right illustrates the capacity needs identified throughout the YMPO region for the next 25 years.

Capacity Projects.jpg
Regional Routes_2021_April_6.jpg


To assess regional needs within the Yuma region, a set of Regionally Significant Routes were identified that represent corridors that provide important regional mobility and connectivity through the YMPO region. The Regionally Significant routes serve as the backbone of the transportation system in the Yuma region and this Plan will focus on ensuring the efficient and safe movement of people and goods on these corridors.


Safety projects may include improvements to street signage, pavement striping, lighting; widening and/or paving shoulders; reducing speed limits; safety studies; etc. Intersection improvements may include addition of roundabouts/traffic signals/pedestrian signals, addition of turn lanes, signal upgrades, etc. The map on the left illustrates the safety and intersection projects and needs identified for the region.